Thursday, August 2, 2012

Videos from Yesterday's Ride and an Epiphany!

Here are some photos my son took for me yesterday. He is my young videographer and I appreciate him doing this so much! B will turn 11 years old on August 6. So hard to believe how fast time flies. I will have a 16 year old, an 11 year old and a 7 year old. I think it is good I am riding again so it will give me something to focus on rather than being depressed about how fast time is flying by with my precious kids.

Okay, enough of the sappiness!

Scout looks fairly decent here, while I look like I'm thinking really hard (Push your hands forward. Light contact. Steady rhythm. Don't lean, go straight.) But I still have chicken wings...I'll work on that, too. Just too many things to remember! :) I really want my pissy pony to be a happy pony. He doesn't seem to be as upset in this photo: 

Here Scout looks pissy:

He went to stretch and I didn't give enough with my hands. I also put my leg on and he didn't like that. He is extremely sensitive. I even discovered yesterday when I put my inside leg on him, he turns in that direction....I had no idea he would respond that way!

Here, he is hollow again:

I truly feel we get a tiny bit better with each ride. Poor fellow, I have basically been riding his legs off the last 4 weeks. He got 3 days off last week when we went to the lake, but I rode him Monday, he had Tuesday off due to storms, then I rode him yesterday and today. We ride anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour. Mostly walk, a lot of trot and little canter. I do give him Sundays off. :)

We do hill work almost every day as well, since our pasture is on a hill and the flattest place, where I work the ponies, is still on a slope.

After our ride yesterday, I had a small epiphany. What if I took off my spurs and changed his bit? I had been riding him with spurs to encourage him to move forward, but my leg isn't as steady as it should be, so I am probably jabbing him when I shouldn't be. He also chomps constantly on the eggbutt snaffle I have been riding him in, and it is not a happy chomping. It is a very aggravated, unhappy type chomping. I remember Enginerd recommending riding him in a french link or something similar rather than a plain jointed snaffle last year, so, I switched from this:

 to this:

Today was the first time riding him in the french link and without spurs. He hardly chomped on the bit at all. He moved it around in his mouth and lightly chewed on it, but there was no angry chomping at all. I wish my videographer had been awake to record the transformation to a happier pony! Scout still had some unhappy moments, like when I would put my leg on him, but he didn't seem nearly so frustrated by his bit. Maybe tomorrow he can get some videos of us going in the new bit.

These are the videos from our ride yesterday:

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Video 5

I think he is beginning to move forward a little better - we have some good moments. :)

Keep your fingers crossed - I found a 16 in. medium-wide Stubben Edelweiss online yesterday and I am supposed to talk to the owner about it tomorrow....


Enginerd said...

Video is good (child labor RULES!)

I like what I'm seeing - his head may be up and he may not be "round" but he's working more forward, which for TRUE roundness you have to have first! I can't wait to see how the bit change affects him too. He has had his teeth done recently right? Because I had all sorts of head tossing and inconsistent contact this spring because I skipped teeth floating last spring. (I got a very stern lecture from the dentist - they have a vet here and that's all she does - equine dentistry.)

Keep up the good work. We all feel goofy - turn about is fair play:

I didn't post the fist level test because I have chicken LEGS - I look like I'm pedalling him through out the whole trot tour. EMBARASSING.

Little victories. That's all we ask!

buckpony said...

Yep, he's definitely not round, but he is much more forward. As soon as I try to have any contact with his mouth, he tenses up and gets "blocked." We're working on it though and he seems to be responding. I'm not sure he is totally thrilled about the new bit though. He had his teeth floated on July 14, plus he had a really thorough vet check in June. I think his issues stem from his past and my lack of experience. For my birthday and Christmas, I'm going to ask for riding lessons. :)

B videoed me a few more times, but I haven't been able to post them yet. They aren't much different from what I have already posted. Hopefully I can get some video of us working in the new trial saddle tomorrow...

Little victories - I like that. :)

Your video is much better than mine!! Man, it looks like Jericho has the floatiest trot and smoothest canter - quite the opposite of my short, straight-shouldered pony. :) You guys look great and I am so, so happy you are doing what you love. You are so good at it! BTW, how is your new saddle working?

Thank you for your feedback...we are going to continue working towards "little victories."