Thursday, August 9, 2012

Trying the Stubben Edelweiss

Finally! This morning I was able to try the Stubben Edelweiss, C.S., Junior (16 inch, 32 cm tree).

Another photo of it on Scout, this time with stirrups:

Sitting in it:

Close up shot:

If anything, the seat may be a bit small for me; a 16.5 inch would probably be ideal, but I really, really, really like this saddle.

It is small, and that is what I need. I am able to get my leg on Scout's side without a large saddle flap interfering, and that is really nice. It is super comfortable and a high quality saddle. It is wool flocked, rather than foam; and it seems to fit Scout - you can't tell from the shaky videos I'm about to post out here later, but Scout really seemed to relax and really move forward once he quit being a pill this morning - (wish I had gotten more of his better moments on film rather than the not-so-pretty stuff, but beggars can't be choosers; happy to have someone videoing at least!).... Plus, the saddle is in amazing shape.

We'll ride in it several more times to be sure, but I am kind of thinking (and really hoping) this may be THE one...feel free to chime in and give me your opinion on it. I will send an email and photos to the saddle-fitter shortly to get her take on it as well.

As soon as the videos load, I'll post them out here.

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