Monday, August 27, 2012

Collegiate Saddle Arrived Today!

The Collegiate saddle arrived today, just in time for the rain! Hurricane/Tropical Storm? Isaac is supposed to dump a lot of rain on us for the next couple of days, so I'll try to be patient!

Here are photos of the saddle. It looked a lot darker in the previous post. I used the flash, so maybe that made it look different.

The saddle is lovely -

The seat feels very nice, so I look forward to sitting in it. Please keep your fingers crossed that this is THE ONE. It is getting way too expensive shipping saddles back and I am very tired of saddle hunting. However, I have met a bunch of really nice, helpful folks!

The ladies at Trumbull Mountain have been amazing to work with, too!

Oh - and my oldest is getting bit by the horse bug. He rode Cricket on Saturday:

He even rode her bareback on Sunday!
Cricket loves D and they are having fun together!


SunnySD said...

Have you had a chance to try out the Collegiate yet? How wonderful to have access to saddle-fit advice!

D and Cricket look great together :)

buckpony said...

Hi SunnySD! Yep, I tried the Collegiate once and sent it right back. Didn't even keep it long enough to take photos of me in it because I knew it was not for us - just too big for both of us. I am in the process of trying out a 16 inch Lexington, close contact (never heard of this one before), but I've only been in it once since it arrived on late Thursday last has been crazy and yesterday my oldest broke his leg in his very first soccer game of the season...SO, I am not sure when I will get to really test ride the new trial saddle! I'll get photos up ASAP....

D had really been enjoying riding Cricket, but unfortunately he won't be doing any more riding (or driving) any time soon...hoping he isn't going to have to have a plate put in (he got kicked in the shin and it fractured the bone in a circle (toe of cleat shape) and looks like it is fragmented on one side...kind of nervous about seeing the orthopedic surgeon tomorrow...I'll try to post an update and x-rays soon.

Thank you for checking in!! Hope all is great with you!

SunnySD said...

Sounds as if you have been super busy yourself! When does your oldest get his cast off? Soon, I hope! And way to go Scout! And congratulations on finding a saddle that worked - it's sure not easy to do. I'd love to see pictures :)

It is great to have the horses all in one place, and I'm absolutely thrilled they're getting along. Now if they just weren't quite so herd-bound.... Hope you all have an absolutely wonderful Christmas!!!

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