Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Ponies Arrive

I am very fortunate in the fact that my Dad loves to take photos. Pretty much my entire life has been documented through photos, and I am so, so grateful. My Dad was home when it was time for the ponies to move from his place to my place. Here is the event documented in photos:
The very happy pony owner:

Scout and Tonto, not too sure they wanted to leave their lush green acreage:

Scout saying, "Whoa there, Girlie, I'm not sure I want any part of this trailer..."

"Let me stop and think for a moment."

"Did you say grain?"

"Well, okay, maybe just one bite."

"Okay, I'll follow the grain bucket anywhere."

One on and one to go!

My wonderful help!!

I honestly thought Tonto would be the hard one to load.

He hopped right on!

Yay! They both loaded with very little fuss! Let the adventure begin!

Scout and E visiting over the stall door:

I love this photo:

Poor Tonto, he hadn't been at the house longer than 20 minutes before we had him saddled up for my daughter's 6th birthday party! He was wonderful carting all of the children around in a new place! I was so proud of him.

D visiting with Scout:

In our aisle way:

Untacking Tonto in his stall:

Checking out Scout in his stall:

So, yes, they are finally home!! I have wonderful neighbor girls who come over to ride on a regular basis, so the ponies are getting worked. They already have Tonto cantering under saddle - the first time he's cantered under saddle in 8 years!

More updates to come.

Happy Riding!


Braymere said...

I am so happy for you and your ponies!


buckpony said...

Thanks so much, Braymere. I am still so scared it isn't permanent...I'll enjoy it as long as I can though! :)

Hope you guys are doing well - sorry you got hit by the stomach bug. :(

Anonymous said...

I am so so so so happy for you!!!
this is wonderful news.
miss you much!