Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dreams DO Come True!

I have been dreaming of this moment from the time we moved into our current house 8 years ago. Dreaming of the day when the old pole barn was renovated into my dream barn. Well, my husband made it all happen. And now, this is one of my favorite views (as well as my screensaver on my work computer):

(Scout is on the left and Tonto on the right)
The stall guards and divider wall is temporary...we are so busy with soccer and baseball, we don't have time to breathe, so these things will be finished in due time. Yep, the stall guard is a little high for Tonto, but he has behaved so far and only gone under it once. :) The stalls are almost 14x14, so they really don't complain about being up at night. Being small ponies, they have plenty of room! My wonderful neighbor has 3 young daughters that come over a few days a week and work the ponies for me...I love watching them ride - and I sure wish I had their fearless attitudes! They have gotten Tonto to canter, so we now know he CAN canter under saddle! Will post more photos soon - I want to share the move-in and my daughter's 6th b-day party pics. Promise I will, Soon!!

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Fyyahchild said...

Yay! So happy for you...