Monday, January 11, 2010

Barn Progress!

Progress! YAY! I have to commend my hubby and his buddy, is unusually COLD here in the south, but they got out in it and worked on the barn this weekend. Thank goodness my father-in-law brought over a great heater that they cranked up. It wasn't too bad inside with all of the doors closed and the heater going.

They finished the outside of the stall walls and finished the bars:

Looking kind of fancy!

Inside the stall area:
Still have to bring in the limestone screenings or something for the floor...we are still debating the stall mats.

Another view inside the future stalls:
The divider wall will be built where that telephone pole is.

Inside of the front doors:
Since they put X's on the back doors when they completed them, I am guessing they will put X's on the inside of these doors as well, so when they are open, you can see the cool X's. As you can see, the bottom doors have metal frames. We were going to do that on all of the doors for extra strength, but it was becoming too costly and too time-consuming, so we nixed that idea.

See, there are those cool X's on the newly built back doors:

Another view of the stall walls and bars.
Oh, I am loving it!

Here is a view of the doors they worked on this past weekend:

They will REALLY look good once they are all painted up!

One more inside view:

I tried to take some photos inside the tack room, but the dimensions of the
room make it difficult to photograph....this shows the window and door, and K.C., the kitty cat....

Another photo inside the tack/feed room (storage room for now!):

I really, really appreciated the guys working on the barn in the bone-chilling cold. Any progress is good! And we are finally making progress again! YAY!

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