Monday, January 11, 2010

Breyer Collection

Yes, I know it is completely ridiculous. I say it is an addiction; my hubby says it is an illness.
From the photos, you can see that I don't only collect junk, but I collect Breyer Model Horses. I don't know a lot about them and I just purchase the ones that I like. My particular favs are pintos/paints; ponies and warmblood types. I think I have over 300 or so...
The horses pictured below reside in our basement:
(Cool side note: Some of these are signed by Peter Stone. I went to Pony Club Championships in 1989 in Lexington, KY. It just happened to be at the same time as the very first BreyerFest. My Mom heard that Peter Stone would be there to sign models, so I packed a bunch in a suitcase and took them with me. As he and I unwrapped each one, he told me what mold it was and the year. He patiently signed about 12 models for me! They are all dated 8-9-89. Then he let my Dad take a photo of us together! Once I locate it, I'll post it. )
I am in the process of compiling a list of all of my models and which ones are signed. I'll have to post that sometime, too, if I ever get it completed!

Since I dusted them today, I don't feel too bad about showing the photos:

Most of these photos are redundant; I'm trying to get a closer view of some of the horses.
See the POA on the far right, missing her leg?

The photo below shows the custom my husband had painted for me a few years ago:
(it is the second from the right)
The horses below are tucked away in the shelves in the living room among photos of my family:
I'm not sure if this one is the Western Horse or the Western Pony...
This new Stablemate mold is one of my favorites...
I have a couple of Schlech's too..
One of my favorites of the Sham mold (a JC Penney Special Run, I believe):
Some I haven't opened yet, bought many years ago...

My one and only Peter Stone model. My Mother gave it to me for Christmas in 2001, the year my beloved pony Buck had to be put down. It is signed by Peter Stone:
This is a terrible photo, but you get the gist:

So anyway, besides loving real horses, I love the Breyers, too. After finding links to really neat Breyer blogs lately, I am getting the itch to find out more about my models. I wonder if any are worth anything?


BaxtersMum said...

OH my gosh. HAve you looked at EBAY to see what they are worth? I remember your collection - it looks so much bigger now! You've added and added and added (I still have my secretariat somewhere - he reminded me of cutter!)

If you have several valuable models, you might need to check with your homeowner's insurance and add them to your policy just in case. Not that a robber would see themand go SCORE!

miss you tons!

buckpony said...

Hey Girl! It's crazy, isn't it? No, I haven't looked them up on Ebay...maybe I should? I go through phases of wanting to buy, buy, buy, then I decide I have enough and stop for a little while. I do like to get them on my birthday and Christmas though... :) My mom always tries to give me one for a special occasion....and I pick up Stablemates all the time at Target.

I've found a couple of really neat Breyer blogs discussing tack making and the history of the models, so it got me wondering about my own. I'm not sure any of my models are worth anything, but I think it's cool that some are signed by Peter Stone from the very first BreyerFest... :)

Thanks fo rthe tip - I will check on the insurance.

Miss you, too - more than you know!!!!

Beth said...

You are my hero! I want to see this massive collection sometime. I collected Breyer's growing up and probably have 30-40, but yours are amazing. I hope I can get ME hooked on these one day and I'll have an excuse to really start buying them again.

buckpony said...

Ha ha - I wish I could use my kids as an excuse to buy them, but if I did, they'd want to play with them. :) (That's terrible, isn't it?!?)

My poor kids argue over who is going to have to inherit "all those silly horses." They'll probably all be dumped as soon as my casket is closed! :)

I am really bad about picking up discounted ones at TJ Maxx and I buy a bunch of the small Stablemates at Target. You could always buy them for your daughter and just put them away for when she is older. :)

You'll have to post a photo of your Breyers on your blog until we can get together. Please give me a call one day soon! I'd love for you and ME to come over and play one day very soon!

ellenmaze said...

This is awesome Virginia! Oh the memories your pics bring back! I had so many of those long time ago...

Your display is very lovely too. You are my Breyer Hero!

Love, ellen