Monday, November 9, 2009

Awesome Weekend!

This was a busy weekend, but a great one! Saturday we traveled to Sylacauga for the U14 All Stars Soccer District Championships. The kids played their hearts out!


Half Time:

Ring around the pole:

This is where our team scored against Talladega to tie the game 1 to 1.

The tie had to be broken by a shoot-out. Each team took turns kicking the ball into the goal. First team to make the most goals wins, but each team has the same number of shots. This is tough, because it can go either way so easily.

We won the shoot out!

Some well deserved celebrating!

This meant our kids got a 15 minute break and had to play a second game against Opelika (who had been sitting on our sidelines watching our kids play for the last 80 minutes)!!
Here's a photo of B in the sun - it was a gorgeous day!
A in the shade:

A's friend sprouted a coyote tail:

A enjoyed filling our empty drink bottles with sand:
She said they were very "heaby."
Second game against Opelika...there were some great moves in this game!!

These great moves lead to a 2 to 2 tie with Opelika; which meant another shoot-out!!!
We WON!!!

We're #1!!!!!

Winning these 2 games put them in first place in their league. They are District Champions!!!
They will travel to Dothan to compete in the State Finals towards the end of November.
We are so proud of our team!!!!

Since we weren't the least bit worn out from Saturday, we hosted a barn painting party on Sunday!
Even as tired as D was after all that soccer, he still worked hard painting!

First coat....whew, and a long way to go!

We still have a lot left to paint, but hopefully we'll have another painting party again this weekend.
My parents brought me an early Christmas present from the Pike Road Arts and Crafts Fair:
I look forward to finding the perfect place to display the running horses on the barn!
Tomorrow Tropical Storm Ida is supposed to dump a couple of inches of rain....maybe I'll have some flood shots to share!
Until next time, Happy Riding!


BaxtersMum said...

I love these glimpses into your life! Keep on posting! I miss you!

buckpony said...

Well, come spend some time with us and you'll get your fill! Sure wish we could see you when you head to see your parents for the holidays....if there's a chance, let me know and we'll try to work something out. OR you could always come stay with us for a few days! Miss you, too.