Monday, November 16, 2009

Another Beautiful Weekend

After Ida blew through leaving our neighbor's steel cover in our yard, the weather cleared up and was absolutely beautiful. Thank goodness the cover wedged between the fence and the brick shed and didn't blow through our barn. Thankfully, the worst damage done was to the cover itself and the chain link fence. The neighbor's beautiful and very expensive boat sat under this cover. And amazingly after all the ruckus, didn't have a scratch on it!

We got a good bit of painting done this weekend. Got one coat of paint on the upper lever and started the second coat on the lower level. Sorry about the glare of the sun on the barn - it doesn't due the true color justice...

Hubby got creative and put up a sampling of the stall bars. Turned out pretty good, huh?

Another photo of the bars:

From inside the stall looking out:

From outside the barn looking in:

Now for the backside of the barn!! Instead of having a ladder sticking down into the aisle for access to the loft, hubby and his friend got creative:

The stairs and deck will provide a safe way to get kids up and down from the loft. We are talking about making this a really cool play area for the kids...eventually...
Another sunny, glaring view of the barn:

Check out the grass!

We have been so, so fortunate with the warmer weather and right amount of rain. The rye grass
is filling in beautifully. Hopefully this will help us get other grasses established this spring and keep the dirt on the hill. The terraces have made a world of difference.

So, it is progressing right along. Still no idea of when it will all be complete, but hopefully sooner than later. We still have to finish the stalls and the fence. It is so amazing seeing it all come together though. The dream is getting a little closer to fruition! :)
Thank you for checking in....happy riding!


Beth said...

The barn looks great! I am jealous! I know you are looking forward to moving the horses in.

buckpony said...

Thanks so much Beth! It is far exceeding my highest expectations....and our bank account. :) I am totally chomping at the bit to get the horses here...I even found a pony I am dying to get, but hubby says no for now. :( Soon enough....
Thanks for stopping by - we need to get together very soon!!!

BaxtersMum said...

It looks AWESOME. I am starting to think I should have gotten you the fancier tack hooks and stuff!!!!

Hubby gets full props.

buckpony said...

Thanks B-Dawg's Mum...I am being spoiled. :) The tack racks are absolutely perfect. I just can't WAIT to use them!!!!

SquirrelGurl said...

Your barn looks AMAZING!

Thanks for stopping by to visit my blog! I always like it when new people stop in and introduce themselves.

I'll be flying back to Maryland this weekend, so be on the look out for updated pictures of Buttercup!