Thursday, November 5, 2009

Check it out!!!

Dreams really do come true (if you beg and gripe enough!) Hubby and his friend will put the new siding on the loft this weekend.

Come on in for a little tour:
Tack/feedroom is on the right:

Future stalls on the left:

Another view of the tack/feedroom:
The guys will finish the walls when they can.

Inside the tack/feedroom:
Some type of paneling will be put on the walls; forgive the mess! I can't wait to hang my new saddle and bridle racks my best friend S sent me for my birthday! You are TOO wonderful!!

This will be the grooming area:
It won't house the lawn mower and 4-wheeler much longer! I will get to hang my beautiful new hunter green crossties in this area....thanks to S! And I will use the step stool/groom box S so generously bought me as well. She knows how us short people struggle to trim ears and bridlepaths!

Outside of the barn. Dutch doors will be built sometime in the future.

Another view of the aisle: (can't wait until it is cleaned out!)
The horseshoes in the concrete belonged to horses of my past and present (Buck, Hamlet, Ollie, Brandy, and even some of Maggie's.) They are at the other end of the aisle as well.

Another view of the future stalls:
The grass continues to grow beautifully on the cross country banks (just kidding...) it is tempting to think about though!

I just keep telling myself I think I am dreaming. I just can't believe the barn is actually being finished! It is soooooo hard to be patient...but it's been 10 years since I had ponies in my own back yard and only in my dreams have I had a barn this nice! (Thank you honey!!!!) I guess he'll have to finally get that 400 inch big screen TV, or boat or motorcycle he has been dreaming about....


BaxtersMum said...

I love seeing the progress.

And truly, it was no big thing.

I tried to get you a green groom box step, but they didn't have one. :(

I can't wait to come see it in person some time!

SunnySD said...

Catching up on my reading, and oh my! How much progress you're making out there - I LOVE the horseshoes :) You have a beautiful barn, and I'm sure you can't wait to see a few ears and swishing tails in those boxes.