Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Labor Day! Bath Day for us!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day holiday! I enjoyed the day off from work - it was much needed!

Saturday was another bath day for the ponies. It has rained a lot the last few weeks, which is kind of strange for August/early September. Usually it is hot as hell and so humid it is hard to breathe. Not so lately! I'll take the rain and cooler weather any day over that hot, humid, sticky stuff! However, it makes for muddy ponies....and children...

This was my audience - they were wonderful helpers going to retrieve needed items from the garage. They also pointed out spots I missed on the horses, so they got to help scrub, too. :)

Filly; pre-bath: (looks a little less than thrilled)

Filly, post-bath: ("Okay, all clean lady. May I get back to the grass now?")

"What?! Another photo? How do you like this?"


Filly's face. Besides the rubbed areas on her face, she now has a bunch of small bumps all over her cheek and part of her neck. It looked and felt like possible fire ant bites. I think she may have put her face in an ant bed while rolling or laying down.
I treated the whole area with TriCare. Poor girl.

After her bath, I tacked her up and lunged her in the pasture. No side reins again, but we worked on walk/trot/canter/halt transitions both ways for about 30 minutes. I didn't put D on her today. They were both too tired for extra work.

Tonto enjoyed his bath and his treats - my mom loves to ruin the ponies! :)

Clean and shiny pony - I didn't get any pre-bath photos.
I was trying to hurry as another rain cloud moved in.

You can tell it is getting dark from the photo. This was about 4 in the afternoon, but it was getting dark! (Should have used my flash.)

This one was so dark I highlighted it and changed the tone to sepia so you could see Tonto!
And last, but not least - old Maggie. (Pre-bath photo)
Her poor pasterns...I guess 31 years has put a lot of stress on them.
Does she remind you of a dachshund?

Post-bath. You can tell she feels better!
I am going to miss the warm weather - I love bathing the ponies. Too bad they don't stay clean for long. As soon as I turned them out, they all rolled and looked like pigs again!

Tomorrow I'll post an update about the fence and dreadful hill! Stay tuned!

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Anonymous said...

I miss that house. seeing the swing in the background and Mom makes me homesick.