Sunday, September 13, 2009

Time Sure Flies

Goodness, time flies. The below photo was taken March 7, 2009. This was the last time D rode his pony, Tonto. Finally, this past Saturday, D decided he wanted to ride, so we pulled the poor pony out, cleaned him up and got ready to ride. :)

I longed Tonto for about 10 minutes just to be sure he was not too full of himself. He appeased me by walking, trotting and halting on command, like he never missed a day of work. He sighed heavily each time we stopped as if to say, "Can we please get on with it?" Since he didn't so much as bat an eyelash wrong, I let D climb on. "Keep him at a walk," I said. "It's been months since you rode him last." D smiled.

Old Tonto marched off like a pro. It seemed as if he missed being ridden. The two walked in lots of circles and changed directions a bunch. We worked on halting, sitting up straight, quiet hands, heels down, straight line from bit to elbow. Check, check, check.
Now, looking at the photos, I should have dropped his stirrups a hole or two. The problem is, D's legs are getting so long that longer stirrups will let his legs hang below Tonto's belly!
Yep, it is hard to believe D is finally outgrowing Tonto. I guess it doesn't take too long to outgrow an 11.2 hh pony though...
The photo below made me laugh. D and Tonto hid behind my Mom's garden of zinnias. It is the end of their growing season and they are dying off. They sure were amazing this summer.

D and Tonto moved out to the front yard. There is more room to trot and they didn't have to avoid Maggie and Filly who were enjoying being loose in the yard.
The photo below shows how badly he needed his stirrups dropped. *Sigh.* My baby is growing up. And rounding his shoulders. He sure sits great in that saddle though - thanks a MILLION Horse Crazy Girl #1. (I loves you bunches.)

A couple of times around the front yard and a few short trots. They were both getting tired.
Too cute for words.
Look out Tonto...there is a little girl in line for you.....

I also worked Filly on Saturday. After longing her for a while, I decided I needed to climb on her. I climbed on, laid over the saddle, then got off. She turned her head around and looked at me as if to say, "Boy, it's been a while!" So, I climbed back on and rode her in a few circles. We didn't do much as I lost my nerve. We ended on a good note with no injuries. Maybe we'll do more next weekend. :0) (Dang, I've become a big Chicken.)
Maybe D is going to have train her afterall.

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BaxtersMum said...

those pictures make me nostalgic, homesick, and very proud of the mom and boy you have.

miss you tons!