Tuesday, September 22, 2009

No News

Well, nothing to report on the fence/barn progress at this time. Everything is at a standstill: 1)because of all the rain we'd have the last couple of weeks and 2) we are trying to refinance our home and it has been more difficult than we could have ever imagined. It looks like we are getting 2 new air conditioners for our home though...much needed and a long story.

Keeping our fingers crossed that we will continue with the progress soon. The rain has been great for the grass, but not for anything else!

I was hoping to get D on Tonto again this past weekend, but it was so wet, there was no place to ride. Same with lunging Filly - no safe, dry place to work, so we had another spa day. They are all shedding their summer coats getting ready to poof out into their winter fluff. I'm dreading the winter...too much mud and cold for me. Oh well, I'd better get ready for it anyway!

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