Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fun with the Ponies

We spent some time at my parents' house yesterday messing around with the ponies. The weather has been unusually cool lately, so I had the energy to get Filly out and work with her. We began by having a long brushing session, then I tacked her up and walked her around the yard. She is a bit spooky, so desensitizing is something she desperately needs. She was able to sniff the big blue tarp covering the lawn mower, then she spent some time checking out the big silver gas tank in the side yard. Filly relaxed and seemed to enjoy the attention once she realized the odd objects weren't going to eat her. Once she settled, I longed her for about 30 minutes. We worked on walk, trot, halt transitions; no side reins and no cantering this time.

She was very well behaved and quiet, so I put my oldest child on her, still on the lunge line. I had him work on walk/halt transitions and change of direction. They both did great and there was no silly stuff from Filly. After about 15 minutes, we called it a day.

Next, it was spa time. D and I gave Filly a good bath and painted her face and ears with Swat. Her sweet itch is at a minimum, and she didn't seem too miserable and itchy this time. I read an on-line article recently about putting a mixture of baby oil and scarlet oil on the mane and tail of horses suffering from sweet itch to prevent the midges from biting them. It sure seems to work! Below is a photo of her tail which has been treated with the mixture. She has not been rubbing in the last week, so her tail is growing back nicely.

Filly has rubbed her mane only a little bit - you can see how it is thin near her shoulders:

She has no sores or bare patches on her ears, shoulders and croup as she did before:

The dogs were in the woods, so Filly is in her alert stance:

A little more relaxed:

Close-up of her sweet face:

Once I turned Filly back out with Tonto, it started to rain.
Tonto playing in the rain:

He and Filly started running around like crazies as the rain came down harder.
They were too funny playing.

Had to take a break to graze:

Tonto checking D and me out to see what we were up to:

I didn't snap any photos of Maggie this time. Once it started to rain she was off to the barn.
All three are doing well, fat and happy.


Beth said...

Load that cute filly up and come to a local show in Montevallo with us!If I can do it, you really can!

Anonymous said...

Tonto is DARLING!!! I just love him!