Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Recent Photos

We haven't had much time with the horses lately, so nothing much to post. Here are some photos of a quiet weekend a few weekends back when the weather was warmer than normal and we got outside to enjoy it. The horses needed a good brushing and deworming, so that's what we did. Some photos from our nice quiet visit with the ponies. Enjoy.

B and Filly - notice Filly's long(er) mane!!!
She has hair everywhere! No bald or rubbed out patches!

Filly is so nosey! It is good to see her back to her old self again. When she was suffering from the sweet itch, she was so miserable, she didn't want to be touched.
Now she wants to be in your pocket and her sense of humor is back!
Filly is now groomed and her mane trimmed (butchered).
I'm not a fan of long manes - too much mud at our place!

I love Filly's eyes.

Little Tonto was patiently waiting his turn for a good brushing.

He wasn't too dirty!

All clean and looking for my Mom to bring a treat.

Here the three of them are turned loose to head back out to the big field.
They walk side by side like this often.

The playing begins.

Something catches their eyes...

They start trotting in circles...

Even Maggie was feeling good!

They stop again to get a good look at something in the field....

Then they take off to get a closer look! See my kiddos playing in the mud puddle?
Notice my daughter has NO shirt on?!?!

Tonto gives Filly a nudge - he wants to keep playing!

She says, "Nah."

So they get back to what they do best...

Hopefully we can get Filly and Tonto back into work once the weather begins to get a little better. It is just too wet to slip and slosh through all the mud.
Hope all is well with all of you!
Thank you for visiting!


SunnySD said...

Aw... What a great photo series, and the ponies look great! I have worming to do this weekend, and hopefully the farrier will be available while we have a break in the cold. Winter's such a hard to to get anything done.

You've been so lucky in reconnecting - how wonderful to get back in touch with old friends!

Anonymous said...

God - Filly is GORGEOUS!

And Maggie looks like the grand dame that she is...

Tonto is too cute.

And those fields make me homesick.

miss you!