Friday, January 23, 2009

Sweet Reunions

Time is never on my side when I want to blog. There are so many things I want to say, but can't find the time to get them posted! I do want to share something really neat that happened recently.

In my limited spare time, I love to surf the internet reading other people's blogs. I left a comment on a blog a few months ago, and by chance, an old friend that I have not seen since she was around 10 years old saw my comment and contacted me! Not only was she a friend, but she owned Maggie for a while! Her family boarded horses at the farm where I spent many summers working. We e-mailed back and forth for a while catching up on life. It was quite amazing! She was stunned that Maggie was still alive; and I was stunned that her Mother's horse was still alive!

Then I caught up with another young lady that I taught a few riding lessons to (on Maggie) at the same farm. She even came to visit Maggie while she was home on Christmas break!

And finally, I got back in touch with the lady that owned the farm where I had worked from age 12 to my early college years. After the farm was sold and they moved away in the mid 1990's, we lost touch. I tracked her daughter down, who led me to my lost, but not forgotten friend. This is the lady who gave Maggie back to me after our Shetland pony Amber passed away, leaving Buck alone. She also had her farm hand bury Amber, then a few years later, Buck.

So, these past two months have been a time for sweet reunions and catching up with friends from the past. I love how the horse world seems to be a world of its own and how it seems there is a connection every where you look.

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