Thursday, February 5, 2009

Old Photos

My Dad has been going through some old photos recently. You see, many wonderful years ago, he started a small horse magazine called Horsing Around Alabama. I had the privilege of riding to different farms with him for photo shoots of Alabama horse people. It was so amazing who we got to meet!

Here are some treasured photos from two different articles published in the magazine. These first photos are of Susan Wainwright and her beloved horse Winston Himself. Susan is an avid eventer, trainer and teacher who lives only miles from where I grew up. If I remember correctly, she competed in the Pan Am Games at least once, if not several times. She is a very accomplished rider and has been very successful at the higher levels.

She is pictured here sporting a safety vest. Susan is a huge advocate of the safety vest, as she was wearing one when one of her beloved horses had a heart attack while jumping cross-country and fell on her. Susan's life was spared because she was wearing a safety vest. It wasn't long after this article was published that I was fitted with my own vest for cross country. (It was pink and green!)

Susan is posing with Winston Himself, who sadly went to Heaven last weekend. He was 38 years old! Susan competed Advanced on Winston, I believe - but I know for a fact she loved him more than words can express. He has been a part of her life for most of his 38 years.

The photos below are of the amazing artist, Nan Cunningham. I grew up riding with her daughter, so I had the privilege of getting to see Nan's art first hand, as well as get to know her as a friend. She is a lovely, lovely person. My Dad asked her to be a featured artist in the magazine, so she came to our house and created pastels of Buck for publication. The pastel she is creating in the photo hangs in my parents' house.

The dog in this photo is Spot. Spot was a stray that adopted us before we moved to Pike Road. (We love our strays!)

Nan did a second pastel, the one I talked about in my post:

Please check out Nan's website: She is an incredible artist!!!!

My Dad is a wonderful photographer with such an eye. (He passed that gift on to my oldest brother, who also takes extraordinary photos.) My Dad has documented so many precious moments in my life and in the lives of my children. Thank you Dad, you are so appreciated!!!!


SunnySD said...

What a neat story, and how fun to grow up getting to travel around and meet horse people. Beautiful paintings, too!

SunnySD said...

Just saw your comment - very cool, a fellow Paulsen fan! Has your son tried Chris Crutcher's books?

I hope Filly's sweet itch stays away! Poor girl - hopefully the nasty biting midges will stay dormant for a while yet!

Anonymous said...

Wow. the memories.