Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Quick Update on Filly pony

Sorry to be absent for so long! Kids and work and everything else is keeping me from blogging! I miss it and you guys!

This is Filly:

She is a 14.1 hand, 8 year old TB/paint cross, with issues. And for some crazy reason, I don't want to part with her.

I see so much potential in this pony, but don't have her close enough where I can work her enough.

I went to see Filly at L's on Sunday. We had a longe lesson. Filly was going along great, then all of a sudden had one of her panic attacks and went running backwards, jabbing the ground with her front legs. I couldn't stay on and hit the ground pretty hard. I didn't get hurt, just mad at myself for my clumsiness. Not sure what Filly's reaction was to, but I did get back on and continued the lesson. After changing directions, L longed Filly in side reins for a bit. She had one more panic attack, then was fine.

Going around quite nicely now!

Lots of walk-trot-walk-halt transitions.

I call them panic attacks because one minute she is fine, then the next minute she is flying backwards. After talking to the vet today, we are going to check her teeth, then go from there. If it is pain she is reacting to, I want to find out ASAP. If it is naughtiness, I am wanting to deal with it in the appropriate manner. Our major problem is consistency. Lack of time does not help the situation. Consistent work would work wonders on this pony.

Anyway, here are some photos of her in side reins. I've only worked her in them a few times, and L hasn't worked her in them at all. Filly went very well in them on Sunday and seemed to like the consistent contact with her mouth. We'll make them a regular part of her training program now.

L didn't work her in the side reins for very long, just long enough to feel her out and know what we are going to do next week.

As soon as I get a chance, I'll give you the rundown on this pony....her background, how long I've owned her, her issues...you won't believe her before and after photos from when I first got her in May of 2004!


BaxtersMum said...

Glad you're OK - if its backing up then its a forward problem. be very very careful because backing up is a precourser to rearing - and with her panic tendancies, she could easily go up and over. I don't want smushed red head from this pony. The *second* she starts to rear, you need to kick the shit out of her and make her run. Or bail.

But if she ever goes up and over, I'd call it a day. ship her to someone who wants yard art. We don't do this professionally, and our health is too important.

yes - check her teeth.

buckpony said...

She hasn't offered to fully rear yet, thank goodness, but she runs hopping backwards and so fast, I don't even realize what's happening before I'm off! I'm reaalllly hoping her teeth are the problem because it would be an easy fix, but if this is a behavorial thing, I'm not going to be able to deal with it. Youa re so right about the rearing thing. It is not worth it.

BaxtersMum said...

Also - if she's got a backing up thing, be very very careful of doing the side reins too tight. My last instructor said that can also send them up and over backwards.

just an FYI - I don't think she's in a point to be putting her frame that upright anyway, but keep an eye out for any stress she might get if she feels restricted forward from the reins.


fssunnysd said...

Good to see you back, and very glad you're okay! Filly is a very pretty girl. Hope you're able to find the cause of what's bothering her, and get it corrected. It's so frustrating to have a mystery behavior affecting progress.

If teeth doesn't work, you might conside back, too. I've seen a couple horses use backwards evasion that were sore somewhere behind. They'd lower their heads and almost race backwards trying to find some relief from the saddle pressure. Especially since she's still new at the riding thing, she might have a more dramatic reaction to discomfort than an older horse would?

Still, it's a nasty habit to try to correct if she keeps at it. Good luck!

Say, how did the non-sweating issue with Tonto pan out?