Monday, March 10, 2014

Beautiful Weekend

The weather was absolutely beautiful this weekend, so we dragged the ponies out again. Ash rode Tonto all by herself again! Her legs are getting so long!!
I rode Scout in the Michael Stokes Centaur Dressage saddle, which I love, love, love...

A closer view:

And of course a photo outside in the sunlight:

My oldest child was sweet enough to snap some photos of me on my Scout pony:

Scout was fantastic - this is the 4th time I've ridden him in a year!!
Not a spectacular ride, but okay after so many months off. We are both stiff and out of shape. I did notice he seemed a lot happier in this video than he did in previous videos that were taken over a year ago. He seems to go well in the dressage saddle and I put him in a hollow mouth loose ring snaffle he seems to like.
Tonto behaved very well for Ash:

Ash had a friend over who had never ridden before, so we put her up on Scout (aren't they cute???):

I think I could have lengthened her stirrups a few holes, poor kid! This is almost jockey style! She did great though. We worked on turning and stopping on the lunge.

After riding, we played beauty shop and I butchered Tonto's mane:

Scout loves to stand with his feet on the concrete. I guess it makes him feel taller. :) My beloved pony of the past, Buck, used to stand like this on the end of a bridge at my childhood home.


These photos are funny - they make Scout look thinner than he actually is:

 The flash on the camera makes Tonto's eyes bug out:

This is one of my favorite views:

....and a little inspiration from the past:

Another wonderful weekend spending time with the ponies, watching my daughter and her friend ride, and doing some spring cleaning around the barn. I am loving this spring-like weather!

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