Thursday, July 9, 2009

New Additions to the Fam

If you have been reading this blog for a while, you know that I am an undeniable animal person. Horses are kind of my fav, but I can't help but love all animals. And animals in need are particularly special. My dear Molly kitty, who was a stray, has been missing for a year now. We've discussed getting a new kitty, but I just couldn't say yes...until....

My daughter's preschool class had an end of the school year party at a local park the end of May. After climbing all the way up the steps of the slide, my daughter yells down to me, "Hey Mommy! There's a kitty up here!" Another Mom climbs up to check it out and discovers a very sweet, very pregnant kitty.

Since she was covered in fleas and ticks and begged for food during lunch, it seemed as if she were a stray. I knew I couldn't take her home with our impending beach trip, so another Mom took pity on the kitty and took her home to foster her until the kittens were old enough to be weaned.

"Hey Mommy, I think this kitty swallowed a beach ball!!!"

My husband and I discussed the prospect of adopting the momma kitty off and on for the six weeks she was residing in the foster home. I wasn't sure if we (I) were ready for another kitty after the heartbreak of losing Molly.

We went to visit the momma kitty and kittens last Sunday....and of course fell in love.

A and B loving on the momma kitty.

Her foster family called her "Daisy," but we already have a dog named Daisy... A wants to name her "Rainbow..." who could say no to that face?

We'll have to give some thought to a new name for the Momma kitty, but the boys have settled on the kitten's name. D wanted to name her Hershey and B wanted to name her Stripes, so we had to combine them: "Hershey Stripes."

It's nice having kitties in the house again - and they seem pretty happy to have a home.

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