Thursday, July 9, 2009

I Really Am Still Here!

Boy, life just gets so busy sometimes that the things I enjoy doing get put on the back burner - such as this blog! Well, let's see, the last update was in March, I believe. Since then, we finished one wall on the barn, so a little progress there.

Inside of barn - future feed room and tack rooms
Outside of barn. The overhang will house my husband's dad's antique car.

Baseball season started and we were completely immersed in baseball from the end of March through the end of May.

The boys both played extremely well and D (below) even made the Rookie All Star Team!
My beloved Maggie turned 31 years old on May 8th and still seems to be going strong. This photo doesn't do her justice - it was from early spring before she shed out. She is slick and shiny this summer.

The first two weeks of June we escaped with my family to the beach (Tybee Island) for a glorious and much needed vacation. You would think after 2 weeks at the beach you would be ready to return home, but we weren't! I think we could have easily stayed 2 more!!

Tybee Beach cottage - this cottage is 102 years old!

My 92 year old grandmother joined us for a few days, and she is a truly remarkable woman. Sharp as a tack and lovely as ever. We are so, so blessed to have her.

Grandma and our family

At the top of the Tybee Lighthouse

D and his boogie board


A just reached into the surf and pulled out this baby shark - just Dad was fishing and caught it. It was A's job to release it.

A few of the shark's teeth we found on the beach

The day before leaving for the beach, my parents found a kitten in their burn pit. The momma kitty must have been in the process of moving the kittens when my parents and the dogs happened upon the kitten. Since the kitten was feral, she had no plans of leaving the protection of the wood pile, so my Dad meowed like a cat until the kitten came out and my Mom grabbed her before the dogs got to her. She was so little; maybe 5 weeks old at the most, so my parents brought her to the beach.
Meet Tybee:

After returning from the beach, we celebrated D's 13th birthday. It is so hard to believe he is already a teenager! Still as sweet as ever at this point, but not sure what will happen as the hormones start raging...He will begin junior high as a 7th grader this year. Keep us in your prayers, please. :)

The Rookie All Star Tournament began the 3rd week of June, so for two weeks straight, D was playing baseball 3 - 4 nights a week!! Their team ended up in a very hard-earned second place, making us so proud!

And here we are, already well into July...hotter than a firecracker and humid as all-get-out! Filly has started rubbing her tail again, as well as her ears. We have fenced in a large paddock with no trees that she can rub on. Hopefully if we keep her doused in fly spray and treated with Swat, she won't completely mutilate herself like 2 summers ago. There has been no time to ride, so the only horse-related things we have done this summer are bathe and brush them. I've decided to offer Filly for sale, but I'm going to be very picky placing her. She has to go to the right situation or she'll just have to continue to be a pasture ornament. Selling one of my horses is like selling my children...and it is rare that I ever feel like selling my kids. :)

Anyway, we are still here, doing well; just as busy as ever. Still hoping we can get the barn finished one day before the kids are grown... :)


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Sounds as if you're all having a very good, if busy, summer! Now if only all the sharks were that size - lol.

Miss Tybee is just adorable :)

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