Wednesday, June 18, 2008

It Began Way Back...

See, I told you it started way back - as far as I can remember. Here are some OLD photos for your viewing pleasure. I believe I was about 3 years old in these photos, around 1977.
My Dad was probably relieved when he no longer had to lead me around on other people's horses. :)


gilligan said...

Wonderful site you have here. I always find it very uplifting to see someone who found a love as a child, and kept with it and never gave up.

I've tried to think of something of that nature in my own life, and the best I can come up with is watching TV. It's sad, I know.

Love the site!

BaxtersMum said...

no fair!!! my photos are in Alabama!

too cute.

buckpony said...

Ha - I only posted these as proof to Brian that the horse "thing" has been going on for as long as I could walk...that it wasn't just a little girl's passing fancy.
The next time you visit your folks, you need to get some "OLD" photos to post!! And don't worry, you're gonna show up on this blog sooner or later...I have several photos of you and Cutter! :) How is Jericho's eye??

Pony Girl said...

Those are really cute pictures! Isn't it great when it begins way back....and lasts forever, or comes back around again (as in my case!)
Happy riding!