Monday, June 16, 2008

The "Horse" Thing

This post is for you Sisundermoud - and not EVERYTHING you talk about is misunderstood. I get your point most of the time (although sometimes I may act like I don't...). :)

So, the "Horse" thing. I don't know when it started or what started it. I have just always loved horses...for as long as I can remember. When we would take family vacations or visit the grandparents, I would always stare out the window waiting to get a glimpse of a horse or pony grazing in a pasture. I asked for a horse EVERY far back as I can remember. Mom and Dad gave me Breyer horses to try to satisfy my interest, but I got frustrated when I would sit on them and the legs would break off. You just can't ride a Breyer, no matter how hard you try. (After a while I decided I should should put the Breyers on a shelf rather than try to ride now I have 400 or so...) Then I tried the girlfriends and I would tear around the cul-de-sac in Birmingham pretending to ride our magnificent steeds, but that just didn't do the trick either. My parents would take me to a horse farm on occasion and lead me around on a pony so I could get my "horse fix" for the time being. There were some really nice folks that had horses near my grandparents, so when we visited, I always made my Mom take me to their place so I could see the horses. Sometimes they were kind enough to lead me around for a while.

Finally, after we moved to Pike Road when I was 9 years old, my grandfather bought me a pony. I had been taking riding lessons for a while and riding with a friend every chance I got, so I guess my parents felt like I had enough interest in horses to let me have one; plus we now had 8 acres that needed something to graze on it. My uncle's neighbor had a cute pinto pony named Buck that he decided to sell and because my uncle loved this pony so much, Grandpa decided to buy him and give him to me for my birthday. My dear uncle truly loved this pony - he allowed Buck to roam his fields and his yard. As Buddy was building his house, Buck kept him company, even standing by him as he hammered and sawed. My uncle said Buck even toured the house a couple of times when he left the door open. Anyway, Uncle Buddy hauled Buck from Tennessee to Pike Road for me and that was what began a love affair with horses that still lasts today. Buck had been abused in his past and after a couple of very trying years and a few broken bones (mine, a cousin's and a friend's), Buck and I formed an incredible bond of trust and friendship that few people truly experience with an animal. I will save Buck's story for another post, but he was the light that started the flame that continues to burn in my heart.

I can't tell you exactly what it is about horses that I love, but to me they are the most amazing, magnificent, awe-inspiring animals God put on this earth. To feel their muscles under their glossy coat, to watch them tear across an open field, to see the depth of their liquid eyes, to hear the sigh of a contented horse, to watch a horse and rider team compete together as one; all of these things and more are what I love about horses. And I guess I should say that it isn't just a love of horses, it is a sickness; an obsession. I have tried so many times to turn away from them, to put them on hold for a while, but I just can't. I crave time to spend with my horses. Not to ride, but to just be with them, near them, touch them, smell them, watch them. Maybe therapy would help?

So, that is the best I can explain the "Horse" Thing at the moment. I'll be sure to post more about Buck and my other horses, so stay tuned! (I might even tell some stories about my kids, my hubbie, and our other animals...) Until next time...


sisundermoud said...

I loved your horse "thing" post. I'm your husband and I feel like I know you a little bit better now! :) You gotta love those pictures! You sure were purdy! Love ya.

BaxtersMum said...

OK - lets stop with the "you're so amazing...."

Love the pictures -

My grandpa always called Buck the "Hereford Horse."

buckpony said...

He reaaaalllly missed me while we were at the beach last week...the "you're so amazing" only lasts for a little while, so I have to bask in the moment. :)

Suz!!! The "Hereford Horse" was an appropriate nick-name for Buck with that wide blaze. Will you be able to come visit us this month or has the trip been nixed?

Pony Girl said...

Well I agree that the horse bug, it's a sickness. I've often labeled it as a disease, for which there is no cure! I am lucky that it afflicts most of my family. Many of us are horseowners, either again, or for the first time. It's been a blast seeing my mom take up riding for the first time this past year! It's really brought us all together in a really special way.