Thursday, June 28, 2012

Alive and Kickin'!

Goodness, it's been a while! Sorry about that...we are all still alive and kickin'! Things stay busy with work, 3 kids in school and involved in, baseball, baeball, soccer, soccer, soccer. It leaves litte time for anything else, like riding - especially when the time changes and it gets dark at 4:30 in the afternoons! Thank goodness for summer daylight saving time! Now I can stay at the barn until dark - around 8 PM!  :)

Well, summer is here, school is out and sports are over for now, so I FINALLY climbed on Tonto 3 times this week! My daughter even rode him yesterday, which made me very happy. Tonto has been perfect, even with the crupper that I have only used on him that one time (from the post I made about it). Don't worry, I longed him in it for a while before I got on him to make sure he accepted it. It does not seem to bother him a bit, even going up and down fairly steep slopes and it has made a huge difference - the saddle no longer rides up his neck (at least at the walk and trot). We can't do too much at this point to really test it, since Tonto and I are both so out of shape, but maybe if we can continue working out together, we will be able to test it at more than a trot, eventually.

I haven't been on Scout in a year now, either. Once he gets his toes trimmed (farrier due out next Friday), I will put him back to work slowly. I toyed with selling him and even had a hunter trainer interested in him, but then couldn't bear the thought of letting him go. I guess I'm selfish in the fact that I'd rather have the ponies as pasture pets than not have them at all...surely one day I'll have more time to spend with them. (As fast my my kids are growing up, I guess that time will be sooner rather than later....which is very bittersweet.) My oldest just turned 16!!!!!!!!!

The time spent with the ponies this week has been wonderful. It is even better when the kids want to spend time with the ponies, too. I knew I missed riding, but didn't realize how much. I had also fogotten how much better it made me feel just being around them...there is something very relaxing and theraputic about just grooming them. I've been keeping the riding sessions short - like 30 minutes at a time, mostly walking, to keep from making either of us too sore. With that said, so far, so good and let's hope I can continue riding as time allows. I really look forward to getting back on Scout and will post an update when that happens.

Thanks for stopping by and hopefully it won't be too long before I post again! I'll try to get some recent photos of the ponies to share...Tonto is too fat again....anyway, until next time, Happy Riding!

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