Friday, September 5, 2014

Time Marches On

So hard to believe This is the first week of September and that we have started another school year.
This year we have a

An 8th Grader:

And a 4th Grader!

All three of these precious blessings are growing up way too fast. Our oldest is shadowing at a local small animal vet clinic and is aspiring to become a veterinarian. I truly hope he will continue to pursue his passion and love of caring for animals. All 3 started soccer practice this week, so we will be busy with soccer until the end of October, then more than likely be going to All Stars in November.

It is going to be a full-blast, ton-of-fun fall! And I am soooooo ready to get back in the saddle a bit more often when the weather cools off. Maybe the kiddos will want to ride some as well. We'll see!

This is what Scout thinks of more time under saddle:

But, nay, I say! Y'all have beautiful padded bridles to be ridden in now!

Jack has spent some time under saddle since he came back to my parents' place the end of April. A wonderfully skilled young lady has put several rides on him and he has behaved well! He is going to be a really nice fellow with some time and patience. I need to get my Mom to start riding him.....

And one of my favorite photos of me on Scout pony. My oldest son took this photo for me this past March. Scout is a bit scruffy in his winter coat, but he is so soft and is a rarity for him!

On a sad note, our beloved Annie kitty has been missing since Labor Day. I hope she is out gallivanting and will return soon. She did disappear for 6 days last year and showed back up. Not having her home is very worrisome though. She is such a love and we are so very worried about her.

Hopefully the next time I get around to posting, Annie will be home....and I'll be able to report more time in the saddle! In the meantime - Happy Riding!

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