Saturday, June 30, 2012

Played with the Ponies Today

 For the first time in forever, we didn't have to be up and on our way to anything this Saturday morning. It was the first time in MONTHS! So I took advantage of it and messed with the ponies.

Tonto is eating from our new hay feeder. Not sure if this is the best or safest idea, but it keeps their hay out of the sand for the most part. I wish I had gotten photos of the ponies the first time they saw their hay in the baby pool. It was hysterical! They didn't know whether or not it was safe to approach, so they were blowing and spooking until they decided it wasn't going to eat them. They finally settled down and realized it was safe to eat from. So far no one has put a hoof through it. I'm sure it is a matter of time.

Here's Scout impatiently waiting for me to saddle him:

He does not like to stand, so he moves back and forth and side to side, then paws. He needs lots more time to stand in the cross ties or stand tied to a trailer to work on building his patience. On my to-do list...

I know I said I was going to wait until the farrier trimmed his hooves before working him, but I thought a little while on the longe line at the walk and a little trot wouldn't hurt too much. His hooves just need trimming, they aren't in dire shape or anything like that. Our farrier is due out on July 6.

 He was really good and even acted like he'd been doing this daily, not like it had been a year since he had a saddle on him last...

We reversed direction

and he was a perfect gentleman, so I decided to climb on.
Scout was really, really good. We walked in circles, changing direction and worked on halting. No trotting today.

Then Ash appeared and said she wanted to ride! I was elated! We got Tonto out and she rode for about 30 minutes. She rode independently and had a mini-lesson on the longe line. They both did great!

 She practiced halting and shortening her reins:
(and notice the audience in the background! Her Daddy even came out to watch. :)

 I think her smile says it all!

Very proud of Ash and the ponies! Hopefully we can ride again next week!

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