Monday, April 19, 2010

For S (Horse Crazy Girl #1)

I know you are missing spring in the South, especially from the days of your roots,
so these are for you, Girl.
D and Sally with the azaleas
Photos of Dr. Thompson's old pasture:
The gravel road towards your old place:

The road to the big hay field:

I think they still store hay in this old building for the cows:

I was in Pike Road on Saturday and actually rode Tonto for a bit. As I was riding, it all felt so familiar; like when I used to ride Buck. The only thing missing from a perfect day were my horse friends, and I missed you greatly.
I noticed the field of buttercups and had to snap some photos for you.
Please come back and visit soon.
Love and Hugs.

1 comment:

BaxtersMum said...

you made me cry.
at work.

I miss you too. We had the best times growing up on that land...

I'm leaving soon - Rico has a cycst the chiro notices above his left hip - probably just a fatty deposit (no pain response) but needs checking out.

Hey ask around - does anyone need a 18" Wintec Isabel - Will sell for cheap.