Sunday, March 21, 2010

Trip to Providence Canyon

Our kids were out of school on spring break this past week, so we took a day trip to beautiful Providence Canyon in Georgia. It is hard to believe this gorge was caused by poor farming practices in the 1800s. The layers of soil in the canyon walls were gorgeous. There were all kinds of colors - red, white, orange, pink, purple, was so beautiful, but a grand reminder of what poor erosion control can cause.

The trails were basically paths of water that seep out of the canyon. It was was sandy and the water was shallow. It made for fun hiking. B began collecting white balls of clay that had washed out of the canyon walls. He made a large ball of clay, then formed it into a mug!

Taking a rest after climbing the hills!

Before heading to the canyon, we visited a little town called Westville. I didn't post any photos, but basically it is a small town that has been recreated to reflect life and buildings of the 1800's. The mules were used as the part of the tour around the outside of the town. A and I both had to pose with them. (The poor mules needed a good brushing!)

The weather was absolutely gorgeous, perfect for being outside. There were some tired kiddos on the ride home!

I saw this house on the way to Westville, so we took a photo when we were heading back home. I thought it was beautiful, but I sure wouldn't want the job of cleaning it!

We actually had some horse time on Saturday and I'll post some photos and maybe a video or two if I can get blogger to work for me.

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