Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Quick Update

Well, things are okay here, sorry for the last post being so cryptic. I've gone back to work full-time and hubby is pursuing new job interests; therefore, we are putting the barn on hold and other things that we can live without right now. With one child playing soccer and our other two playing baseball, things are really hectic (but fun!) right now.

I spent some time with the ponies this past Sunday, just brushing them and loving on them. I longed Tonto for a little while and he was fantastic. Even though I haven't worked with him in months, he still remembered all the walk, trot, halt commands and was a little super star. I am dying to work with him, especially since spring is approaching. Maybe by next spring he will be home.

Hubby has put lime on the pasture and has done small things to help improve the pasture, so there is a little progress. The longer the new grass has to establish, the better the field will be.

I hope all of you are finding the time to ride and enjoy spring! I am so ready for some warmer temps!

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